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Divine Motherpeace Tarot Session

Let the Divine Motherpeace guide you to discover a new sense of serenity and empowerment. Learn to make decisions based on your own intuitive abilities. The Tarot is a powerful tool that has the power to transform your life. It is full of spiritual wisdom and rich with the history of the Goddess. We all know that the more knowledge we have, the better able we are to expand, grow and move forward. With a Motherpeace Tarot Counseling Session you will find new ways of experiencing your life based on a practical analysis of your situation. You can then create your positive future vision by making better decisions, possibly changing your direction or solving your problem in a new way. It is time to live from the true beauty that lives within you. Awakening the Goddess connects you to that beauty with ritual, ceremony and other transformational tools.

Complimentary cd recording available.

$150 for 60 minutes

Offering Emotional Coaching, Spiritual Counseling,
Sacred Astrological Readings, Tarot Sessions,
"Day with Maria" Private Retreats

• Discover how your personal spiritual path can
guide you to achieve significant self-growth,
provide you with serene relationships and
enhance your life and career goals

• Receive spiritual and emotional guidance in
overcoming negative behavior patterns

• Explore how your life purpose is supporting you today

• Give yourself the gift of a healing session
and or retreat experience

My main purpose as your coach is to be a channel and guide to assist you in creating your positive future vision while enjoying your life today.  The work we will do together will include identifying and breaking through any blocks that are keeping you from achieving whatever goals you are working on at the present time along with discovering new ways to move forward. This will be accomplished with emotional coaching, life analysis, healing, teaching, and spiritual counseling.  Sessions are also available by telephone or email.

I will use my training as a humanistic astrologer and metaphysical student along with other holistic tools including the divine Motherpeace Tarot, the powerful Animal Medicine Tarot, positive affirmations and soothing meditations.  If you have a special request for a certain modality, please feel free to ask knowing that you are going to connect with your personal spirit guides.
I will provide the guidance, encouragement, and support.

I am available for 1/2 day or full day private retreats here at my space in San Pedro. Come by for a morning of a yoga and meditation session, a homemade gourmet breakfast, a cd recorded counseling session and time to sit in the quiet to journal your experience before taking off to enjoy the rest of your day.
  If you would like to spend the entire day, add a walk at the ocean with
a gourmet picnic lunch and a lovely massage later in the afternoon.


Call or email for your personal powerful experience
with Maria Francesca Triliegi
310-548-1338 - smbworks@earthlink.net