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Natal Chart Coaching Session w Planetary Future Trends for One Year*
Before we meet I spend at least one hour with your sacred birth chart receiving insights from Spirit as well as utilizing my 30 years of experience as a certified astrologer. When we meet I will take you on a very powerful personal journey to yourself. The benefits available will include a very precise and practical understanding of your basic nature. All that you are including your character traits, thought processes, energy levels, love expressions, career goals, friendships and your personal spiritual path will be revealed to you. I will teach you how to best utilize the ancient archetypal tools to reveal your fundamental desires and support your goals. You will then be able to become proactive in the present to create your positive future vision. This astrological coaching session includes a planetary yearly progression (described below).
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Future Trends Forecast Reading
"To know what the future holds it is important to understand what the astrological trends are for the upcoming year. This becomes your map. I will guide you through a charting of the planetary trends that are affecting your sacred birth chart experience. You will learn where your benefits will come from, where your challenges will be evident, where your lessons will continue and how transformation can become a reality in your life. It is also a powerful tool when you are planning to make an important decision, a life change, or you are looking for spiritual guidance for the year ahead. My reading describes the five major astrological events that, with your support, can change and shape your life to create your most positive future vision.
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Astrological Love Relationship Compatibility Coaching
I will be glad to honor you and your partner by sharing powerful astrological insights that will become tools to support your journey. By comparing your individual chart experiences and finding your powerful connections, you will be able to understand and accept the gifts that you bring to each other and the strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your partner. This is key to a healthier, happier and more compatible relationship experience.

Spiritually and emotionally rewarding relationships can best be experienced only when there is unconditional love, acceptance, open communication, a strong sense of humor, a willingness to compromise and a willingness to change. When you know how and why you are spiritually, emotionally and physically attracted to each other you will be provided with enlightenment and guidance.
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Children's Sacred Astrology Chart Reading
A child has his/her own sacred astrological journey. Children are born with very specific personality traits, behavior patterns, emotional responses, natural intuitions and their own specific creative style. A child's astrology blueprint becomes a very powerful tool for a parent to learn how to honor the very best of who their child is. You will find out what you really need to know about your child and how to share your love in the most positive ways.

The reading includes a framed document describing your child's personality along with my personalized 30-minute MP3 recording.
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